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Valerijana Krasniqi Art
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fallende sterne01.png

On a spiritual level, they will be drawn to whatever image their inner child is looking for or a higher force wants to share with them through my magical images  . What the universe or the inner child   wants to tell you through my works, you have to find out for yourself, go deep into yourself. Why am I so attracted to this picture, what is it doing to me, what is the message behind it.
When you stand in front of my creations, you will quickly feel that a familiar and beautiful energy flows from the pictures.
A mystical art that touches you deeply with its magical colors and shapes.
In the Corona crisis, a new art was created that subconsciously takes you to another world with 4D, colors and a wide variety of techniques.

Are you looking for an extraordinary new Magic art direction?

Fallende Sterne layout..jpg

Your heart wants to be touched deeply?

Love in Sommer 2021_edited.png
Erfolgreiche Zeiten 2022-1.png
Seeing Eye 04.jpg
Seeing Eye 02.jpg

If colors could speak, what song would they sing to us Valerijana Krasniqi

succsesful time 1.jpg
succsesful time 1b_edited.jpg

As you can see from my pictures, I am very diverse. I love to work with the emotions of the unconscious and breathe life into the pictures. Each picture is guided by feelings that happen in the subconscious and that arise quietly and quietly in the moment. Full of anticipation, I stand in front of the blank painting and wait like a little child for what masterpiece will emerge before I start playing the music of painting 
Valeriana Kasniqi 2020


Kunstverkauf Kunst Kaufen zürich Valerijana Krasniqi

New Modern Art by Valerijana Krasniqi

The fullness of love that comes from your heart is the fullness of colors that you should paint. Trust in your inner guide who is there and paves the way for you. Valeriyana Krasniqi 2020


Art of the future is when you take a little time for yourself and don't think about anything, just follow your heart. When you put your head down, something new emerges, something beautiful that will enchant even you, because your creative side doesn't ask, it does, because it doesn't expect anything, it just lives in the moment and you let it take the lead to create, what she is in the quiet secret. Valeriyana Krasniqi 2020

Tears of joy_edited.jpg

Art and its different faces 
Art is the language of the soul, and what is your soul speaking?

Edouard Kornfeld Holocoaster überlebender Hoffnung Neubeginn in Memory Valerijana Krasniqi Art
Neue Künstlerin 2020 Valerijana Krasniqi Moderne Abstract mixed media art kunstverkauf art Sale

My passion is Modern Abstract Mixed Media Art

Neue Kunst Kunst entdecken;  MemorianaPics GmbH
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