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Kunst Kaufen Zürich Erfolgreiche Zeiten 2022 Valerijana Krasniqi


He who loves with the eyes only loves for a moment!
Whoever loves with the heart loves a lifetime!

pilatus 02_edited.png
Full of expectation, I stand in front of the empty picture and wait like a little child to see what a masterpiece will be before I start to play the music of painting  Va lerijana Kasniqi 2020
Fallende Sterne 2022 03_edited.jpg

Come fly with me

2020 New Artist 3D Spider-Web Technology
a new way of writing history.

light night  2022_edited.jpg


Autumn catalog 2020

A new art is born


As you can see from my pictures, I am very diverse. I love to work with the emotions of life and thus breathe life into the pictures. Every image is guided by feelings that happen in the subconscious, and that arise quietly and quietly in the moment. Full of expectation, I stand in front of the empty picture and wait like a little child to see what a masterpiece will be before I start to play the music of painting. 

Valerijana Kasniqi 2020
Kunstverkauf Kunst Kaufen zürich Valerijana Krasniqi

What defines the great painter is the character he gives to everything he touches, the spiritual spark, the movement, the passion, because there is also a clarity in passion.

(Paul Cézanne, 1839-1906, French painter)

Title: Moon meets sun
3D spider-web technology

Art of the future, if you take a little time for yourself and don't think about anything, but simply follow your heart and put your head down, something new will emerge, something wonderful that will even enchant you, because your creative streak does not ask, but does, because she does not expect anything, but simply lives in the moment and you leave the lead to her to create what she is hidden. Valerijana Krasniqi 2020

Kunstverkauf Tears of joyZürich Valerijana Krasniqi

It is never just an empty delusion. Who enlivens the beautiful in art, because art is a heavenly path, upon which the artist strives victoriously forwards.

Art is worship, is divinely shaped, and that your work never prevents, Who works and rules in you living a God lives in every artist's soul. Carl Preser (1928-1910)

Kunstsammler Süsse Erdbeere Interio zürich
Pink Moon Kinderartzt Kinderspital Kunst für Kinder Schulen Happy Art Zürich

A new art that makes your heart beat faster 💖

Light Love1d.jpg


Art and its different faces

Art is the language of the soul and what does your soul speak?

Jungfraujoch in Love Interior Designe Zürich

What is more beautiful than he and less beautiful than you - is it not the work of the spirit, a look of the imagination, a hopeful dream? He has to keep life, which grows dull without him, and tends to grow old easily. But whoever, like you, recognizes nature with deep spiritual power, creates nourishment from it, To him there is still sunlight in the deception, To him, through Schleyer's beautiful wrinkles, the goddess still appears in the face.

Carl Ludwig von Knebel (1744-1834)

Gallery Kunst Online Zürich
Blaue Sonne Kunstgalerie MemorianaPics Zürich
Moon meets green Sun Online Gallery Abstrakte Kunst Memorianapics 3D Spider-web

New Modern Art by MemorianaPics 2020

The abundance of love that comes out of your heart is the abundance of colors that you should paint, trust in your inner guide who is there and paves the way for you . Valerijana Krasniqi 2020

Mond trifft Sonne 3D Spider-web Technik Moderne Abstrakte Kunst Gallery Swissart  Memorianapics Valerijana Krasniqi Zürich
Tree Art Gallery Zürich Valerijana Krasniqi Schweiz
The blossoms of the raw tree4.png
Online Gallery 3D Spider-web Zürich Art

Art only becomes interesting when we are faced with something that we cannot fully explain right away

- Christoph Schlingensief

Wall liebe.jpg
Qanon Canvas Q Abstracte Moderne Kunst Art

New 2020 Abstract Mixed Media Art

Fussball Bild für Fussball Fans Gallery Zürich Valerijana Krasniqi
Edouard Kornfeld Holocoaster überlebender Hoffnung Neubeginn MemorianaPics GmbH Valerijana Krasniqi Artist moderne abstract mixed media art
Neue Künstlerin 2020 Valerijana Krasniqi Moderne Abstract mixed media art kunstverkauf art Sale

The art of creating something that doesn't exist like that is open to the creative vein and uninhibited, let it go and you will sing in your very special way that only you will understand. Art does not mean that everyone has to understand it! If, you understand and love them, the others will do it at some point too, but here too, be open to different tastes, not everyone sees through your eyes so don't admire your works and admire your works, you need both because they give you an incentive to go deeper into yourself and optimize your creative compass. Love what you do, because in every picture every writing every doing every work no matter how small it is a part of you. It is an honor for me to usher in a new age with my two tender hands and my big heart and to create art for the future for you.
Valerijana Krasniqi


My passion is Modern Abstract Mixed Media Art

Neue Kunst Kunst entdecken;  MemorianaPics GmbH
peeping Welpen

I believe in
Modern Abstract Mixed Media